Final Piece

narrator stitched

Final piece, created for FAT1, mixed media.

This is my final piece from FAT1  a culmination of research and ideas that will be now used as a foundation in FAT2. I found that the project was challenging in that it brought up so many ares that needed to be considered and that FAT1 alone it was not possible to explore all of these aspects.  I feel I was unaware of how much detail I would like to incorpate into the concept and the depths I wish to explore.  The fundamental elements of fusing my Art Therapy practice and my illustration remain at the core of my work and I will continue to use my keyword emotion and a reference point.

Creating a story that is about death, that allows the reader to use their imagination and life experiences to relate to the narrative, and yet the narrative must not dictate to the viewer how that should be feeling.

The character design has felt like a complex process and one that is organic, and as the narrative grows, so does the character.


Sketchbook, Working Character design for FAT1.

As I step into FAT2 I am intrigued where my research will take me and how this will reflect within my practical work.


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