The macabre in searching for self.

Macabre and illustrations, make me think of dark tales, with twists and turns, much like walking through the forrest at night, its not what you can see, its what your imagination leads you to believe you can’t see.

Chris Odgers encapsulates this sensation for me, beautiful illustrations with tales created for adults and children. Creating limited print runs, making his work collectables, but for me adding to the intrigue and the allusiveness of his work.


[images online] Available at 28th December 2014]

‘Fall’ written and illustrated by Chris Odgers and limited to 1000 copies, is a story of a boy called Harvey, who on Halloween discovers there is a missing jigsaw piece, but more bizarrely the jigsaw piece is from his chest. The tale unfolds as Harvey embarks on a journey, brimming full of metaphor, as friendships are made stronger and Harvey goes in search of his missing part of self.


[images online] Available at 28th December 2014]


[images online] Available at 28th December 2014]

Odgers work uses characters and symbols that for most are dark, yet the stories told are not, taking time to delve into the illustrations, the limited colour pallet highlights the intricacies in the drawings and adds a beauty to the perceived darkness.

Odgers work reminds me of a recurring theme within my Art Therapy practice, clients in search of self, their identity, and through the utilisation of Art they can embark on a journey to find themselves, or as Harvey did the missing part of the jigsaw.


  • Odgers, Chris, (2003)  ‘Fall’ Atlantic Press, Cornwall.

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