Ascension Island

[images online] Available at: [Accessed October 23rd 2014]

[images online] Available at: [Accessed October 23rd 2014]

FAT1’s project and what I intend to continue into FAT2, started as a fascination with Ascension Island. Ascension Island lies in the South Atlantic (7 56′S, 14 22′W) 700 miles northwest of the island of Saint Helena and covers an area of 34 square miles.

Ascension Island is like a place I have never heard of, I instantly started thinking of stories that would work amongst this Island. To gain an understanding I decided I should talk to someone who knows the Island well.

Talking to Tiffany Jones who grew up there, told me many a tale of what it was like below are excerpts from our conversation

Green mountain is tropical and lush with eucalyptus trees, prickly pears, paw-paw trees, banana trees, other tropical plants and bamboo at the peak around a man-made pond called the ‘Dew Pond’

There are big orange and purple land crabs that live in holes all over the mountain.They come down to the sea to nest –

The beaches range from white coral bays to black volcanic coves. There are some fantastic names such as Comfortless Cove, Dead Man’s Beach, Shelly Beach, Crystal Bay, Palm Bay – but the most common places to spot nesting turtles are Long Beach and English Bay.We used to creep down at night to watch them lay their eggs. They are huge creatures and huff and puff as they lay – once they’ve dug a huge hole with their hind flippers.

I grew up in Two Boat’s village and went to the only school on the island ‘Two Boat’s School!’
… trigger fish related to piranhas. They surround Ascension and aren’t dangerous but are ferocious scavengers and the water boils when you throw left overs into the water.

Every Saturday we’d run the Hash (Hash House Harriers) – which was like a paper chase that was set by the ‘hares’ and followed the next day by the ‘hounds’ – it was mainly an excuse to eat and drink loads after a bit of exercise.

Jones, T (2014) ‘In conversation with Laura Cave-Magowan’
[images online] Available at: [Accessed 23rd October 2014]

[images online] Available at: [Accessed 23rd October 2014]

The Island that is so small is expansive and so rich is so many different ways. I intend to use Ascension Island as a foundation for my idea, as Ascension has grow and formed over the years, I notice my project is also in a transitional state, as I learn more and create more, the narrative also grows and alters.
  • Jones, T (2014) ‘In conversation with Laura Cave -Magowan’ purpose to support FAT1 research.

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